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Shipping Information & FAQs

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How long does it usually take to process an order?
My processing time usually takes between 5 -12 days if an item is made to order. Most of the time, my items are already put together and packaged which makes the processing time much quicker. Whenever ordering seasonal products, I tend to always have them in stock and ready to go. As of writing this, I currently have 70% of all items listed in my shop in hand and ready to ship. Sometimes delays may happen during the Halloween & Christmas seasons as demand is growing each year.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Typically all my orders take 3+ days to process then another 3-5 days to arrive. According to the data of all previous orders that is what it was when averaged out. I have been seeing tracking numbers take 3-8 days lately due to staffing shortages affecting the USPS. 
Priority Mail is an estimated delivery date and is not guaranteed. For international orders, tracking information may only be available while in transit in the US. The USPS has been operating inconsistently from where most small businesses are used to. For the Christmas shipping seasons, there have been delays from 3-15 days.
How can I track my order?
Each order has automatic order tracking via the shipping provider that updates to your phone number or email depending on how you checkout. The tracking information should update when the order is ready after your purchase. You can also use the customer login at the bottom of the page, or use the contact page to ask any questions about your order.
What payment methods do you accept?
Since upgrading to Shopify, they can use hundreds of payment methods. You can use the regular checkout, Paypal, Amazon Pay and so many more.
Why did you switch your shop from Etsy to Shopify?
I did so because of the amount of fees and technical errors I kept running into. This new shop provides a better way to showcase my products in the best way possible with great shipping logistics and tons of payment options. 
What shipping provider do you use?
I typically use a flat rate shipping from USPS for most of my flat cutouts, stickers and banners. I also currently am using USPS ground for all apparel, hats & posters. UPS is a great option for rush shipping as well. 
Do you ship items internationally?
I do! I have international orders setup through an automatic USPS shipping estimator to get you accurate rates and shipping times. Please note that the pandemic situation is likely to cause an extra week to your shipping time. 
How do I display cutout decorations?
I get asked this a lot and I definitely have to recommend Scotch brand removable mounting putty. This putty is a white rubbery substance that when rolled into a ball and pressed on the piece can be used to attach the cutout to the wall. I have done a lot of testing of products over the years and have found these to be the most reliable on a number of surfaces. I have also used blue painters tape and found those types of tapes to work perfectly. Other methods that work include framing the prints, using a thumb tack or 3M hanging & mounting products. 
Products that can ruin your cutouts include duct tape, cellophane tape, heavy duty adhesives, shipping tapes, and Loctite Fun-Tak. I tried the Loctite product last year on a few cutouts and found they can stain the paper or worse - ruin both the cutout and the wall by not being easily removed. 
Do you accept freelance design work?
Yes, I do. If I'm able to schedule in a project I'd be more than happy to. Please fill out the contact form or email me at
Do you sell your products wholesale?
I do! I have a wholesale catalog and pricing list for distributors. If you would like to join my list of growing stockists, please use my contact form above or email me at