New Monthly Horror/SciFi Releases for 2021!

This year, I will be releasing a new seasonally themed horror / sci-fi release relating to the months of the year! Get ready for lots of fun limited edition new items including Donnie Darko, Freddy Krueger and The Thing!
February 2021's release features Michael Myers as a winged cherub - the perfect spooky addition for Valentine's Day! He also includes the heart eyes Jack-O-Lantern from the 2018 Halloween film. 
Each of these horror releases are very limited to only 20 pieces each. 


Product Details

New for Valentine's Day 2021 is this brand new jumbo, jointed version of the shape! This deluxe jointed pack is limited to a numbered edition of only 20 pieces.

Each jointed cherub comes with one 24" jointed Michael Myers flying cherub and one 9" x 11" heart eyes jack o lantern cutout from the 2018 Halloween film. These cutouts come printed on satin finish premium paper and are assembled with silver eyelets giving you a whole range of poses! 

These cutouts are in stock and ready to ship the same day to make sure they get to your doorstep in time for Valentine's Day.