Killer Klowns from Outer Space Retro Inspired Decorama Decoration Collector's Set

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Retro Inspired Decorama Decoration Collector's Set

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When I was creating my early sketches for my 2019 Halloween product line I wanted to do something that was refreshing in design, paid homage to classic horror films I loved and was a great deal for my customers. That is where these vintage-inspired decoramas came from. In 2019 my focus was on the Halloween series that revolved around Michael Myers and Halloween III - This year my focus is on The Shining and Killer Klowns from Outer Space with these new items available for a limited time.

All of my cutouts can be framed, hung on flat surfaces, sit on plate stands or be displayed in any way your creativity brings life to. Each print in these sets is printed on sturdy cardstock with archival ink that will last for at least two-hundred Halloweens.  


Resealable packaging with a front display card to make sure this set lasts for many Halloweens to come.

1 - 24" Jointed Klownzilla cutout. This deluxe 24" cutout features the formidable final boss with nine joints to make his arms and legs have a whole range of motion & poses. 

1 - 22" Jointed Baby Klown Klown. This 22" jointed cutout features four joints to make it's tentacle, head and popcorn a full range of posing possibilities. 

1 - 14" Jointed Shadow Puppet Dinosaur. This 14" cutout features two joints to make it's tiny T-Rex hands move along with it's jaw.

1 - 3' Cotton Candy Victim Banner. This 3-foot cutout banner features three cotton candy victims ready to hang on striped black and white string.

1 - 10" x 8" Framable Circus Happy Halloween sign. For the sign that was common in all Beistle Decorama sets but with some Killer Klowns flair. This sign features the clown tent UFO base the Klowns used in the film with some fun cotton candy letters, popcorn and some candy corn.

1 - 11"  Shorty the Klown Cutout.

1 - 11" Spikey the Klown Cutout.

1 - 11"  Jumbo the Klown Cutout.

All of my Shining Decorations are limited to just sixty sets. 

New for 2020.


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